All You Need To Know: Boon Edam Revolving Doors

The revolving door is an efficient and seamless way to keep foot traffic moving at your entrance. Whether you need an elegant installation at your boutique hotel or a high-capacity entryway at an airport, Boon Edam revolving doors give New York building owners a range of options.

In recent times, the need for touchless methods to enter and exit buildings has become a priority, and revolving automatic doors deliver. Aside from not needing to touch them, Boon Edam revolving doors offer several benefits, including:

Energy Savings

Controlling indoor temperatures is an essential element of saving energy. Revolving doors reduce wasted heat or air conditioning, which saves on power costs.

Bi-Directional Traffic

Whether going in or out, a revolving door can support foot traffic in both directions, reducing bottlenecks at building entrances.

Minimize Tall Building Counter Stack Pressure

One of the primary issues with swing doors in tall buildings is the counter stack pressure, which can make it challenging for users to operate the doors. Revolving doors alleviate this problem.

Small Square Footage

Revolving doors take up less space than a row of exterior doors. The installation just makes sense when you need a cost-effective solution to high-traffic areas.

Years of Service

With proper maintenance, Boon Edam revolving doors will last for decades. If you consider your front entrance an investment in your building, you can’t go wrong.

All You Need To Know: Dawson Doors

Balanced automatic doors need precision design and development, and Dawson Doors delivers New York style in every way. Look no further when your building requires bronze or stainless-steel doors that exude style and sophistication.

Operational Excellence

One of the primary features of the Dawson balanced door is the mechanism at the head instead of the floor. The result of this groundbreaking design is that you can adjust the door without the inconvenience of pulling up the floor.

State-of-the-Art Mechanisms

The Dawson Door team developed a mechanism that updates the old version and enhances the design parameters. Balanced doors are known for their ease of use, but the old mechanisms created problems when balancing automatic operation and the manual force required to open the door. Dawson Doors developed a truly free-swinging door with no resistance.

The Dawson Doors design offers customers several advantages to the standard balanced door, including:

  • Lower Maintenance Costs
  • Superior Materials
  • Stronger Hinges
  • Stronger Guide Box with Better Integration
  • Easier Installation & Adjustments

Exceptional Design

The balanced Dawson Door is the company’s signature design and with good reason. It provides innovation and elegance in a single installation. Matching mechanisms and smooth operations make this product the pinnacle of their product line.

Revolving Door Code Compliance

Revolving doors are stapled entryways for many buildings and businesses because they allow more control over entering and leaving the premises. That being said, when you are considering adding these doors to your location, then it is important to contact an established company like Door Automation. They will adhere to revolving door code compliance so your customers are safe and unbothered when visiting your business.

There are some very important features and specifications surrounding a revolving door to keep all users safe, including:

  • Determine the capacity needed for each entrance and consider the benefits of a larger-diameter door.
  • Delineate whether a manual or automatic revolving door is necessary.
  • Make specifications consistent with architectural details.
  • Make specifications consistent with the manufacturer’s door model selected as the basis of specification.
  • Carefully choose the number of door wings—three or four—and detail the plan view consistently.
  • Indicate the desired dimensions for diameter, door opening height, height under canopy, and canopy height.
  • Specify a finish for the canopy of the revolving door system. The basics to consider here are whether the canopy will be visible from above and exposed to the outside elements.
  • Determine security needs. Will night sliding doors be required? Prevention of tailgating or piggybacking? Do security concerns warrant remote locking and card readers?

When you look at the wide Boon Edam revolving doors used at airports, there are specific dimensions and automated safety protocols in place that make them highly favorable.

Contact Door Automation for more information about their products and services, and then select the best revolving doors for your business.

The Advantages of Installing Automatic Sliding Doors for Your Business

It is no secret that sliding doors look sleek and suitable for any storefront or home, which is why companies like Door Automation are committed to providing installations for home and business owners alike. Many people might not think much of the convenience of automatic doors in New York or anywhere else, but the truth is there are many benefits.

In addition to the appearance boosting your curb appeal, consider these other valuable features:

  • Easier Access for the Disabled
  • Automatic Sliding Doors are Very Safe
  • Move Foot Traffic Quickly
  • Automatic Doors are Good for Large Merchandise
  • Automatic Doors are Economical

Convenience and safety are some of the biggest factors in switching to an automatic door. To think we don’t need to even think about the doors when entering a shop or garage (in the case of homeowners) speaks volumes to the success of these doors. Whether they are glass or stainless-steel doors, the options are limitless when you have the help you need.

Easy to Maintain

Automatic doors are carefully manufactured to meet the highest industry standards, which means once they are installed, they are very easy to maintain. With today’s modern technology, automatic doors are becoming more and more user-friendly.

Contact Door Automation for more information about their products and services. Take your home or business to the next level when you choose automatic doors.

Why Automatic Doors Are Good for Business

Picture this scenario: You have just finished a day of shopping, and you are loaded down with boxes and bags while approaching the store doors to leave. And they don’t open. They are manual doors that you have to manage to open without dropping all your purchases. Your only other option is to set some of them down or wait for a Good Samaritan.

This is the exact scenario that makes the convenience and utility of automatic doors in New York readily apparent.

Most retailers have automatic doors now, at least locations of any size, such as chain stores and big-box outlets. It is something we have come to expect as shoppers, and when you encounter a store that still has manual doors, it is an eye-opener. Perhaps you are going to be charmed by the novelty, or perhaps you are going to wonder about the service they provide if they have not even installed an automated entry system to welcome customers of all ability levels.

Automated doors are good for business. It is a simple fact because it makes entering a business as easy as possible. It makes people feel welcome and valued as a customer. They are also a safe system as they easily open in an emergency when people need to leave the premises quickly. That is part of automated door safety compliance that every location with these doors must meet.

They are also energy efficient and good for a company’s power bill because they don’t stay open for prolonged periods to let cool air out or in.

For additional information on the benefits of automatic doors, reach out to us at Door Automation.

A Safety Comparison of Automatic Doors and Manual Doors

We see them everywhere and use them every day. They are automatic and manual doors. It may be a rarely considered topic for the layperson, if ever, but there are very specific rules for automated door safety compliance. Door Automation knows all about this topic, and it is one we will dive into in our comparison of the safety of automatic and manual doors.

It is difficult to pinpoint which type of door is safer. This is one of those situations where the answer comes down to the phrase “it depends.” It truly does depend on a number of factors, such as door maintenance, which is one of the most significant. It doesn’t matter which type of door it is both can be safe or unsafe based on the level of maintenance and repair it receives.

Automatic doors and manual doors can both be used safely if they are in good working condition. Automated entry systems need to meet several regulations based on the opening and closing speeds and durations, power outage situations, and ease of use by physically challenged people, for example. For safety and convenience, automatic door systems have to be kept up to standard. Manual doors are pretty straightforward, but they still have to meet regulations for features such as width.

To learn more about our automatic and manual door service, reach out to Door Automation and we will be happy to offer additional information.

Ensuring Your Revolving Doors are Safe

Revolving Door Code ComplianceBusinesses looking to save space and reduce the amount of energy they use know that revolving doors are a great, modern convenience. As with any entrance that is used by the public, however, the building owners need to make sure that they are meeting revolving door code compliance to create the safest experience possible.

To help our readers make the wisest decisions regarding their revolving doors, we have created a list of safety tips for them to consider. By following these guidelines, you are able to enjoy the optimized performance you want from your revolving doors.

Select the Right Size Revolving Door for Your Application – The more accessible your door is to use, the safer it will be. That is why you need to consider your type of business as well as the type of traffic your business is likely to see before selecting your door. Everything from wheelchairs to shoppers loaded down with bags may need to get in or out—will your door be able to handle them?

Install Enough Doors to Handle Your Foot Traffic – Once you have figured out the right size for your door, it is important to think about exactly how many of them you will need to handle the traffic requirements of your building.

Pay Attention to the Floor – The flooring in and around your revolving door can play a role in just how safe it is to operate. Adding matting materials by the entrance, for example, can help prevent slips and falls, while stainless steel floor grates are perfect for collecting dirt and debris.

Conduct Daily Inspections & Regular Maintenance – Always check on your revolving doors daily to ensure everything is operating smoothly and safely. You should also feel comfortable reaching out to a trained door technician to provide regular preventative maintenance to assist you in reducing the number of problems your door may experience.

Common Automatic Door Issues

Automatic Door Repair in New YorkEven the best automatic doors will eventually experience issues due to wear and tear. This can cause different problems to arise, making your door no longer perform nearly as well as it did when first installed.

So, what are some of the most common automatic door issues you are likely to see? The main three are when the automatic door doesn’t open as it should, your door makes a loud, unwanted noise when it opens or closes, and the door becomes easily jammed. In many situations, these problems can develop from electrical or mechanical faults, motion sensor software issues, or external obstructions to the door’s rails.

No matter what the problem is, it is vital to get it fixed as soon as possible. If you find your doors are having issues functioning as they should, you need to reach out to a professional for automatic door repair in New York. An experienced technician will troubleshoot your problem, figure out what is wrong, and then provide the necessary repairs to get everything working as it should again.

These automatic doors aren’t just about ease of use; they also serve as the main entrance and exit for your building. That means you need to know they will function properly whenever you, a customer, or a guest use them.

Choosing Safe Automated Doors

Automated Door SafetyPeople typically have to open building doors manually, but some entries are too heavy for many people. To make it easy to enter and exit, many building owners install automated doors. Anyone who uses them will probably admit that these doors are convenient, especially for people carrying things in their hands. Even though automated doors usually operate reliably, you have to maintain them. We can help you choose functional doors and assist you with automated door safety compliance.

Automated doors detect when to open and close using infrared sensors that react to temperature changes. Door Automation offers customers in metropolitan New York a great selection of equipment from well-known brands. In addition to style, door installers recommend customers ensure their doors feature state-of-the-art sensors.

The American Association of Automatic Door Manufacturers (AAADM) and the Builders Hardware Manufacturers Association (BHMA) offer guidelines about the safe operation of automated doors. Sensor maintenance is the key to the process since they provide the operating mechanism for these doors. When their sensors work effectively, automatic doors open wide and do not suddenly close on a user.

Reach out to us to learn how you can ensure automated door safety compliance.

Balanced Door Options for Your Business

Dawson Doors in New YorkThe doors to your building give it character and ensure its accessibility. Entries in various sizes and styles can make your structure stand apart from the others in the area. However, you also want doors that make it easy for employees and visitors to enter and exit the building. Improve your facility with Dawson doors in New York.

Door Automation sells, installs, and repairs equipment from Dawson doors and other premium brands. Our specialties include balanced doors that use air to operate so that users can easily open and close them. Options include all glass that gives your building a modern and welcoming appearance. Standard balanced doors create a seamless look for your entrance. If you are looking for ways to save money on heating and cooling, you can choose energy-efficient models.

You can also choose various metals, including aluminum, brass, and stainless steel, to ensure your doors will last. Because installers weld them internally, rugged balanced doors offer enhanced durability. In addition, you can save money with doors that provide the looks and accessibility you want at cost-effective prices. Contact our staff for recommendations about how to use balanced doors in your building.