Why Ellison Doors Are the Best

When considering the different door brands available for office buildings and other high-traffic entrances, Ellison is one of the first names that come to mind. That is because Ellison doors in New York are designed to open and close effortlessly and last indefinitely. The reason for this is a combination of quality construction and various unique hardware components you won’t find on other brands of doors.

The balanced door system—including the door, frame, and hardware components—is made on-site at Ellison to ensure everything meets our exacting quality standards. This also enables them to manufacture doors in a virtually infinite combination of designs, sizes, and materials.

The balanced doors from Ellison are also known to be virtually indestructible thanks to their solid internal subframe construction. This allows them to easily outlast the average 5 to 10-year lifespan of other types of high-traffic doors. Most door subframes—if present at all—are merely tack-welded together. On the other hand, Ellison’s subframes are joined to the outer structure by closely spaced spot-welds. This helps deliver a lifetime of the most straightforward, trouble-free operation to those coming and going through an Ellison door.

All Ellison doors also meet code compliance.