Balanced Doors in the New York and New Jersey Metropolitan Area 

At Door Automation Corporation, we work with products from leading names in the industry, such as Dawson Metal Products, CJ Rush & CRL. Balanced doors are attractive, contemporary and can be customized to meet any architectural preference. When you want balanced doors in the New York Metropolitan Area, reach out to us. We provide expert installation and repairs of Dawson products & all other balanced doors.

For these doors to operate efficiently, they require precision maintenance. Ask us about our convenient maintenance contracts. We'll ensure that your doors stay efficient and reliable for a competitive price.

The concept of a balanced door pivoting system provides the following benefits:

  • Less pressure is required to put the door in motion in windy areas
  • Where architects would like to place doors as close to the exterior of the building as possible, they typically run into building code issues that limit the amount a door can swing over city property; the balanced door pivoting system pulls the door partially into the building allowing the door face and frame to be closer to the exterior of the building.Architects often face building code limitations when trying to place doors close to the exterior of a building. However, the balanced door pivoting system offers a solution by partially pulling the door into the building, thereby allowing the door face and frame to be positioned closer to the exterior while complying with city property restrictions.
  • Since the balanced door pivot is placed at 7”-8” from the pivot edge of the door, weight, and heights are less restrictive than typical hinged and pivoted doors.
  • Balanced doors can be produced in aluminum doors, stainless steel doors, steel doors, or bronze doors.
  • Balanced doors can be tempered glass doors, framed doors, or ultra-narrow stile doors
  • Balanced doors can also be made as thermally broken and rugged doors
  • Balanced door pivoting systems are warrantied by the manufacturer for 10 years
  • Automatic balanced doors for ADA compliance
  • Custom glass
  • Bird-friendly glass

We offer DAWSON DOORS, CJ RUSH, and CRL as brands for balanced doors that we sell.

Fully Automatic Balanced Doors and More

Our team works with a full range of models. Whatever style of door is right for your space, we will provide expert installation and upkeep. Contact us to discuss service on automatic balanced doors, power-assist doors and manual doors.

We can modify your existing balanced door for ADA as well. When you leave the job to us, you can count on having doors that operate correctly. We know what it takes to keep doors of all varieties in top shape. As our customer, your total satisfaction is our top concern. We look forward to hearing from you and getting started on your service request.


Through constant use and fluctuations of time, your balanced doors may start to operate less smoothly. Issues like sticking and scraping can create hazards for the people using them, not to mention frustration. In order to keep everything moving as it should, automatic door repair is the only answer.

Your balanced doors are a precision installation that requires occasional adjustments to ensure they operate properly through the years. The doors have a lot of responsibility and are expected to operate without fail every single time. So when they don’t, call us first.

Our trained technicians will be right out to evaluate the condition of the door and what might be causing the issue. Once they have determined the problem, they will get to work completing the necessary repairs. It is not just a matter of adding some lubrication. The complex mechanisms of a balanced door need to be correctly maintained to preserve the original function.

Our team of experts has years of experience addressing automatic door repair requests. We can quickly and seamlessly get your entryway operational again. Put your trust in a team that has spent decades perfecting their craft while following the automated door energy compliance which you will enjoy flawless door operations for years to come.

Door Products

All Glass by Dawson creates an open and inviting look to your entrance.

Designer Series Doors and Entrances reflect Dawson's finest craftsmanship.

Cladded Doors
As a cost-effective alternative to true stainless or bronze, we have clad aluminum products. A lower cost does not mean architectural beauty & design options are restricted.

Rugged Series doors are welded internally. 

Our Standard Series doors create a truly seamless door face.



Custom Thresholds can be fabricated from stainless steel, aluminum, or brass thresholds.

Ultra Narrow Stile doors are as appealing, some like the entice that meet New York City's new tough energy codes.

Offered in clad, anodized or painted.