Sliding Automatic Doors in the New York and New Jersey Metropolitan Area

Sliding automatic doors in the New York Metropolitan Area are everywhere. These convenient fixtures are a mainstay with retailers and other businesses. When you want to install or repair sliding doors, reach out to us at Door Automation Corp. Since the 1970s, our family-owned company has worked with businesses of all sizes who need excellent doors, products & services at competitive prices.

Sliding doors give your customers easy access to your building. They are a necessity when operating businesses with heavy foot traffic, such as a grocery store where customers are constantly pushing carts to their cars. As our customer, you will get top-quality doors that you can rely on.

Sliding Doors for Commercial Properties

We also work with manual doors in addition to automatic sliding doors. Whatever product you need, you can depend on the same commitment to unsurpassed quality, workmanship, and attention to detail. Our company has built a strong reputation by exceeding customer expectations. With our trusted brand-name doors and product expertise, we are the right choice for your sliding automatic door installations and repairs. We look forward to taking your call and getting started.


When your sliding door don’t slide, give us a call. We will be right out to address the issue and get things moving again. Our team of professionals understands how your doors operate and are familiar with the tricks of the trade. They will provide efficient and effective solutions to your sliding door problems.

A trained technician should always complete automatic door repairs that follow the standard automated door energy compliance.

Your installation relies on highly calibrated mechanisms that are adjusted with precision by experienced technicians. Although it may seem obvious why the door is not operating, the repair often requires a practiced hand to ensure continued seamless function.

As soon as you notice an issue with your sliding door, call us for automatic door repairs. It can be frustrating to deal with an entryway that won’t open and may become a hazard if not addressed quickly. When you call for repairs, we will be out promptly to start rectifying the issue.

No matter what your location or business, it is essential to provide your customers, staff, and other foot traffic with safe door operations. When things aren’t moving smoothly, call for service, and we will make sure everyone can get in and out safely.

We handle, Dormakaba, Record, Tormax, and Blasi Door Types Available


Automatic sliding doors are available in a single slide, bi-part sliding, and telescopic sliding configurations. These are furnished as complete packages and can be glazed with a variety of glass and metal options.


Automatic folding doors are furnished as complete packages. This includes the operator, header, pivot hardware, door panels, guide rails, lock, and activation/safety system. They are offered in either single fold or bi-fold configurations.

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