Revolving Doors in the New York and New Jersey Metropolitan Area

For revolving doors in the New York Metropolitan area, talk to us at Door Automation Corporation. Our company can design, install, repair, and maintain revolving doors for Commercial & Residential apartment buildings. With our services, you can count on efficient, fully functional entryways providing convenient access to your building. These can be energy efficient, and have touch-free operation with power assist or constant turning to protect the user upon entry and egress.

Security is of vital importance whether for egress from a building during an emergency. Revolving doors can be outfitted with electric collapse locks to withstand an abundance of wind pressure, while still providing egress in the means of an emergency and maintaining building code requirements.

Door Automation Corporation represents top quality revolving doors and allied products from leading manufacturers such as Crane Revolving Door, Boon Edam, and Blasi. As our customer, you can expect excellent service at a competitive price.

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Crane Series Comparison
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The concept of a revolving door system provides the following benefits:

  • door always open and always closed reducing energy loss
  • limitless design
  • bullet resistant options
  • three and four-wing designs
  • custom top and bottom rails
  • custom vertical stiles
  • ultra narrow stiles
  • glass roof
  • electric revolving door wing locking
  • electric revolving door shaft locking
  • power assist
  • fully automatic rotation
  • overhead drive
  • in ground drive
  • custom glass
  • bird-friendly glass

We offer a variety of brands including Blasi, Boon Edam, Crane, CJ Rush, Dorma, and international revolving doors.

Security Revolving Doors and More

To ensure the security of your entryway, we work with revolving doors that are engineered to provide maximum protection. Fully code compliant, special time of flight sensors that monitor the door compartments watching people moving within the door. This includes proper credentials to access the door and preventing “piggybacking and tailgating” for unauthorized entry. Revolving doors can use special glass to enhance security and a variety of durable materials to provide a seamless design.


A revolving door that isn’t operating as expected can quickly become a safety hazard. People are often tempted to try and push the doors open, which could result in injury as the door rotates. For this reason, as soon as an issue is raised, it is essential to call the professionals to provide an assessment and complete your revolving door repair.

There is almost no type of revolving door our trained technicians have not seen or repaired. Although there are several models of this type of door, you can put your trust in our team to provide comprehensive repair services. With years of experience and industry know-how, our team can quickly evaluate and address your malfunctioning revolving door.

We are experts at troubleshooting problems with just about any door style, from sliding to balanced doors, so reach out to us, and we will be there right away to take action.

Your doors are one of your primary security features, and when they are not working properly, your property could become compromised. Call today to set up an appointment if you notice your doors are not working as intended. Revolving door repairs are one of our specialties, so you can have confidence in our service.


Call us today and let us know what we can do for you. Our company welcomes the opportunity to demonstrate the commitment to excellence that has made Door Automation Corp a premier door company for the last fifty years. We provide all the services you need, from conceptual design, to installation to the convenient and affordable maintenance contracts we offer. When you leave the job to us, we make your complete satisfaction priority number one.

Automatic or Manual Revolving Doors?

The difference between automatic and manual revolving doors is that automatic revolving doors start rotating when approached while the latter requires the user to push the door wing. However, recent innovations include manual revolving doors that provide power assistance, positioning, automatic security locking, integration with access control systems. We hope you’ll contact us to learn more.

Crane 1000 Series - This is the solution when your budget-conscious project calls for the look, function, traffic flow advantage, and energy savings of a revolving door.

Crane 3000 Series - This door combines premium construction with unmatched design to create a door limited only by your imagination.

Crane 2000 Series – This door maintains world class style and function. It is a semi-custom design, but at the same time leaves room to help manage tight construction budgets.

Crane 4000 Series- The Crane All Glass manual revolving door provides a spectacular first impression. Its rich styling and sleek lines complement any and all modern facades.

Crane Series 1000, 2000 and 3000 are available as Fully Automatic and Security revolving doors.