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Door Automation Corporation provides solutions for convenient access to commercial spaces. Rely on us for automatic and manual, swing, slide, and revolving doors. Our reliable professionals work with industry-leading products to provide functional, dependable, and secure entryways.

Solutions for providing non-contact door openings are becoming the new normal due to COVID-19. Door Automation Corp can provide different modifications that provide non-contact door operation. We also provide new automatic doors that follow the standard automated door energy compliance.

We work closely as design consultants with many of the top architectural firms in New York City.

Our skilled team is here for you whenever you need. We offer 24/7 Emergency Service call 516-678-4440 Ext 2 for service.

Keep Things Moving With Automatic Door Repair

Your automatic doors are designed to work seamlessly the first time, every time. But occasionally the unexpected occurs and when you want them to open, they stick, stop partway, or don’t operate at all. No matter what the reason, you need your doors to work properly. Our automatic door repair services are here to resolve any issues. We’ll send out trained technicians to assess and address the problem and get your doors operating properly.

Trust our team to have the tools, know-how, and expertise to ensure your entryways and exits are accessible and safe. In many cases, an automatic door that does not function as expected can be a hazard, which is why it’s essential for you to call for service and repair as soon as you notice an issue. There is no reason to hesitate; we will be right out to provide comprehensive solutions for the problem.

Automatic door repairs are part of our commitment to our customers. No matter what type of installation, we are ready to get you back to smooth operations and reliable function. You want your customers to feel welcome when entering your commercial property, and our automatic doors and technical support are just the solutions you need.