Swinging Doors in the New York and New Jersey Metropolitan Area

Swinging automatic doors in the New York Metropolitan Area are everywhere. These convenient fixtures are a mainstay with retailers and other businesses. When you want to install or repair automatic swing doors, reach out to us at Door Automation Corp. Since the 1970s, our family-owned company has worked with businesses of all sizes who need excellent door services at competitive prices. Our Products include commercial automatic swinging doors that are built to last.

Swinging doors give your customers easy access to your building, and they’re necessary if you run a business such as a grocery store where customers will be pushing carts to their cars. As our customer, you’ll get top-quality doors that you can rely on.

We work with industry-leading products that are built to last. Our goal is to ensure that you have a door that’s accessible to your customers during the workday but is secure after hours. As our customer, your complete satisfaction is our top priority.

Automated Fire Door Systems and More

Safety is one of our highest priorities. When you want door systems that protect the people in your building, reach out to us. We’ll install aluminum, stainless steel, brass, and hollow metal fire doors and frames that help to prevent flame and smoke damage in the event of a fire.

We also install ADA-compliant, power-assist, and full-power swing door operators for your employees and customers. When it comes to swinging doors, our company has everything you need. Give us a call the next time you require service. We look forward to hearing from you.

Automatic swinging doors

Automatic full-power swinging door operators can either be supplied as complete packages or simply as the operator with header and drive arm. They can be mounted as overhead-concealed operators for direct drive applications or surface mounted for push and pull applications. Swing door products are designed for single, pair, or double egress applications.

When supplied as a complete package, this will include an operator, header, door panel(s), jambs, finger protection [if applicable], lock, guide rails, and activation/safety system for automated door energy compliance. When existing door panels are used, then an operator with header and drive arm is supplied along with an appropriate activation and safety system. In all instances, guide rails may be required to protect the swing area of the door panel. If the doors swing against a natural protective barrier such as a wall, then perhaps the guide rails can be eliminated.

Swing Door Operators

Dormakaba swing door operators are durable, stylish, and low maintenance. Automatic swing operators are silent and subtle. You can transform almost any manual door into an automatic swing door. Operators can be used in new construction or retrofit onto existing doors. Dormakaba swing doors are designed for high traffic and heavy-duty use. Self-learning microprocessor controls adjust swing door speed for smooth opening and closing. Automatics function in low-energy or full-power mode. All Dormakaba swing doors are tested for one-million cycles in severe weather chambers.

ED50/100/250 Surface Applied Swing Door Operators ONE ED HEADER

Intelligence and beauty in one narrow package Dormakaba offer the first truly integrated swing door operator. The drive system, control unit, power supply, and user interface are all designed to work as One System, not as separate operating parts.

  • Integrated hardware power supply and relay, allowing for seamless control of security hardware.
  • Built-in door position status, indicating door open or door closed.
  • Close and latch in case of power loss (adjustable closing speed on the loss of power).
  • Hardware pre-load functionality for reliable operation.
  • Built-in interface for connection to any access control system.

We handle Dormakaba, Record, Tormax, and Motion Access

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Ground Automatic Door Operators

Perfect solutions for automating doors while maintaining a clean aesthetic look. Arched doorways, All Glass facades retain their clean look. Remotely mounted controlled units are also available. Operators can move doors up to 1000 pounds depending on the model.

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ED-IG, Tormax TN110, Blasi C127