Why Automatic Doors Are Good for Business

Picture this scenario: You have just finished a day of shopping, and you are loaded down with boxes and bags while approaching the store doors to leave. And they don’t open. They are manual doors that you have to manage to open without dropping all your purchases. Your only other option is to set some of them down or wait for a Good Samaritan.

This is the exact scenario that makes the convenience and utility of automatic doors in New York readily apparent.

Most retailers have automatic doors now, at least locations of any size, such as chain stores and big-box outlets. It is something we have come to expect as shoppers, and when you encounter a store that still has manual doors, it is an eye-opener. Perhaps you are going to be charmed by the novelty, or perhaps you are going to wonder about the service they provide if they have not even installed an automated entry system to welcome customers of all ability levels.

Automated doors are good for business. It is a simple fact because it makes entering a business as easy as possible. It makes people feel welcome and valued as a customer. They are also a safe system as they easily open in an emergency when people need to leave the premises quickly. That is part of automated door safety compliance that every location with these doors must meet.

They are also energy efficient and good for a company’s power bill because they don’t stay open for prolonged periods to let cool air out or in.

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