A Safety Comparison of Automatic Doors and Manual Doors

We see them everywhere and use them every day. They are automatic and manual doors. It may be a rarely considered topic for the layperson, if ever, but there are very specific rules for automated door safety compliance. Door Automation knows all about this topic, and it is one we will dive into in our comparison of the safety of automatic and manual doors.

It is difficult to pinpoint which type of door is safer. This is one of those situations where the answer comes down to the phrase “it depends.” It truly does depend on a number of factors, such as door maintenance, which is one of the most significant. It doesn’t matter which type of door it is both can be safe or unsafe based on the level of maintenance and repair it receives.

Automatic doors and manual doors can both be used safely if they are in good working condition. Automated entry systems need to meet several regulations based on the opening and closing speeds and durations, power outage situations, and ease of use by physically challenged people, for example. For safety and convenience, automatic door systems have to be kept up to standard. Manual doors are pretty straightforward, but they still have to meet regulations for features such as width.

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