Boon Edam Revolving Doors: Sustainable, Safe, & Comfortable

As one of the global market leaders in entry solutions, Royal Boon Edam brings 140 years of experience in engineering quality when it comes to designing their revolving doors. That is why you will find Boon Edam revolving doors in New York, London, and every other major city across the globe in airports, office buildings, hotels, healthcare facilities, and many other types of buildings.

Outside of how long they have been in the industry, there is a reason why so many property owners turn to Boon Edam for their entryway solutions. It is because revolving doors can be a true asset in creating a comfortable, safe, and environmentally-sustainable building—even with rising energy costs. Hands down, revolving doors are simply the most energy-efficient entrance solutions on the market today.

What makes these doors so environmentally friendly? It is because the “always open, always closed” principle means that the unconditioned outside air and the conditioned inside air remain separated. This separation prevents dust, drafts, and noise from entering your building. Since revolving doors help reduce the amount of energy needed to maintain the conditioned climate inside of your building, they also help reduce your building’s carbon footprint. Thus, saving you energy and money—two critical assets in today’s building environment.

The Benefits of Balanced Dawson Doors

Also known as pivot doors, balanced doors offer various benefits that should be considered when designing your next entrance. This is especially true of Dawson doors in New York, which deliver high functionality and beautiful aesthetics perfect for public, commercial, and monumental facilities. Some of the different benefits that come with Dawson doors include:

Ease of Operation – Originally, balanced doors were designed to combat high-wind areas and the stack pressure that comes with high-rise buildings. Instead of fighting against the air pressure, these doors are designed to use the exterior and interior air pressure differential to open the door.

Improved Auto Operator – While the team at Dawson saw how functional, balanced doors were, they also realized there was a way to enhance the design. They did this by incorporating an auto-operator, eliminating the need for a closer. This creates a genuinely free-swinging door that doesn’t need any additional resistance.

Secured Mechanisms – Dawson is the only door builder that secures its operating mechanism inside the head instead of the floor. This unique design means there isn’t a need to perform any groundbreaking to install, replace, or repair the door. This saves a lot of time and cost.

What to Look for in Dawson Doors

When you are looking for the highest standard in door automation, then you are likely looking for Dawson doors in New York. But what makes these doors different than other balanced door options? It is a legacy of craftsmanship and technological advancements that lead to a wide variety of benefits, including:

Lower Maintenance Costs – Dawson manufactures castings to match the type of doors they are creating. That means there are no dissimilar metal reactions that can cause oxidization over time. Your stainless-steel doors will have stainless-steel castings, while your bronze castings will match their bronze door counterparts.

Superior Materials – Dawson understands the importance of high-quality materials. That is why they use self-aligning needle bearings in all door pivots instead of the plastic sleeve versions found in most other doors.

More Robust Hinges – Dawson uses a 1.9” diameter steel tube that is welded to the arms of the door instead of the usual 1.75” diameter steel tube hinge shaft found on other makes and models.

Stronger Guide Box with Better Integration – The Dawson guide box is made using a single piece of stainless steel, which is stronger, harder, and more corrosion-resistant than other guide boxes.

Easier Installation & Adjustment – Finally, Dawson’s product integrates all of the controls in the header instead of the floor. This not only provides better protection from dirt and corrosion but also makes it much easier to install and adjust as needed.

How to Lower the Costs of Automatic Door Repair

Replacing an automatic door outright can be cost-prohibitive, which makes automatic door repair in New York the much more attractive route for most property owners. But is there a good way to reduce the risk of needing repairs—therefore lowering your repair costs? The answer is yes, but it requires you to identify minor repairs before costly breakdowns occur.

There are two significant components when it comes to preventative maintenance to help you reduce your repair costs. The first is performing routine maintenance to help prevent wear and tear, while the other is being able to identify the need for minor repairs.

So, how often should you consider these maintenance services to keep your door automation running smoothly? It is recommended to schedule preventative maintenance twice a year. Typically, you will want to schedule one visit in the fall to keep doors running smoothly throughout the winter season, with a second appointment in spring to remove all of the built-up salt as well as to check for any wear and tear that could have been caused by the snow and ice. With these two maintenance visits on the calendar, you are likely to keep your overall repair bills to a minimum while extending the life of your automated doors.

Dawson Doors: Why They’re Important

When it comes to balanced doors, Dawson has made a name for itself as the global manufacturer that vendors prefer above all others. There is a reason that Dawson doors in New York are so popular. It is the way they have incorporated the most innovative technology with exceptional attention to detail to ensure they consistently deliver superior quality products to their customers. Dawson has helped to set the highest standard in the industry, and here are just a few examples of why:

Lower Maintenance Cost – Buy a stainless-steel door from Dawson, and you are going to get a matching set of stainless-steel castings. If you choose a bronze door, expect bronze castings. This helps stop dissimilar metal reactions that can cause premature oxidization and require costly maintenance.

Superior Materials – All door pivots are equipped with self-aligning needle bearings. This is much better than the plastic sleeve bearings many competitors use.

Easier Installation & Adjustment – The products created by Dawson integrate all the controls—latch speed, swing speed, and spring tension—in the header. This offers protection from dirt and corrosion and allows for ease of installation. It also makes it easy to access all of the essential controls to make adjustments—eliminating the need to remove the door from the opening.

All Dawson doors also meet code compliance.

Why Ellison Doors Are the Best

When considering the different door brands available for office buildings and other high-traffic entrances, Ellison is one of the first names that come to mind. That is because Ellison doors in New York are designed to open and close effortlessly and last indefinitely. The reason for this is a combination of quality construction and various unique hardware components you won’t find on other brands of doors.

The balanced door system—including the door, frame, and hardware components—is made on-site at Ellison to ensure everything meets our exacting quality standards. This also enables them to manufacture doors in a virtually infinite combination of designs, sizes, and materials.

The balanced doors from Ellison are also known to be virtually indestructible thanks to their solid internal subframe construction. This allows them to easily outlast the average 5 to 10-year lifespan of other types of high-traffic doors. Most door subframes—if present at all—are merely tack-welded together. On the other hand, Ellison’s subframes are joined to the outer structure by closely spaced spot-welds. This helps deliver a lifetime of the most straightforward, trouble-free operation to those coming and going through an Ellison door.

All Ellison doors also meet code compliance.

Why are Automatic Doors Essential Security Systems?

Since they are “automatic,” it might seem strange that automatic doors are also one of the safest and most secure options available for your building. But it’s true! Read on to learn how automatic doors in New York and beyond also function as essential security systems.


They Can Lock Up Thieves and Intruders

When a criminal tries to disrupt your business, it can be infuriating to let them escape. Fortunately, it’s easy to connect automatic doors to your security system so that you can lock them inside until the police arrive without risking lives.


They Offer Great Fire Protection

In the event of a fire, people tend to panic and fumble even with the simplest door designs. Trying to figure out whether you must “push” or “pull” can become a matter of life or death. However, Blasi automatic doors and similar products allow people to get out quickly even if they are panicking.


They Can Record Everyone Entering and Leaving

It’s easy to add surveillance cameras to your automatic doors and set them to record whenever they open. Plus, due to their sliding design, there is no chance of the door frame obscuring a suspect’s face as they pass through.

Why Should You Use Revolving Doors?

No matter where you go in the shopping, dining, and business districts, you’ll likely see plenty of revolving doors in New York—and the same holds true for other high-traffic parts of the world. They are ubiquitous across industries because they deliver a set of benefits that no other design can match. The following are some reasons why you should consider using revolving doors at your building.


Temperature Control

A door that revolves is simultaneously always open and always closed, creating a constant barrier. This barrier prevents hot air from moving into the building in the summer and stops the warmth from leaking out during the winter. Research indicates that this design is much more energy efficient than traditional doors.


Noise Insulation

When you’re located in the heart of a busy city, noise is constant. Fortunately, products like Boon Edam revolving doors can help you maintain peace and quiet inside your building. Their constant barrier design doesn’t just deliver temperature insulation—it also helps significantly with noise insulation.


Reduces Congestion

Revolving doors can also provide valuable traffic control during your most peak hours. The design only allows a small number of people in at once rather than a constant flood—and others can exit at the same time—making it easier for your staff to manage crowds when you’re at your busiest. Plus, since the doors can be hands-free, customers who are loaded down with bulky bags can move through easily.

Are Revolving Doors Still a Thing?

Once, revolving doors were a brand-new innovation that property owners were excited to add to their buildings. They were first invented in Germany in 1881 to prevent air drafts from entering along with guests. Shortly after, the three-partition version that’s so familiar today was patented in America. By the turn of the century, it became common to see revolving doors in New York and elsewhere. Indeed, they are still popular even today and are found at all types of properties, including shopping centers, healthcare facilities, restaurants, and much more.


However, revolving doors have experienced setbacks in their popularity over the decades. In particular, a 1942 nightclub fire in Boston resulted in nearly 500 people losing their lives, in part because panicking people became trapped in the club’s revolving door. To prevent such a tragedy from occurring again, revolving doors must now be collapsible in case of an emergency. Some jurisdictions also dictate that there must also be at least one swinging door nearby to aid in escape.


Despite the setbacks, revolving doors are still very common, especially in taller buildings where it is important to block drafts and prevent the chimney effect from occurring. Some of their other advantages include improving traffic flow, facilitating access for visitors using mobility aids, and generating energy savings.

How Do Automatic Doors Know When to Open?

They cut down utility bills, help disabled people with access and make life a little more convenient for everyone—automatic doors do a lot for us, and it’s all managed by relatively simple technology. The “magic” of automatic doors in New York and around the world is thanks to sensors. As you’d expect from their name, sensors sense things, including sound, light, motion, pressure, and more. The stimulus that activates an automatic door depends on what kind of sensor it utilizes.


For example, some doors are triggered by pressure sensors. When the sensors pick up the pressure of a person near the entrance, they tell the doors to open. The pressure sensor may be disguised in a rubber mat near the entryway or even incorporated into the flooring.


Another popular sensor type for automatic doors is motion. A camera-equipped sensor is mounted above the entryway or built into the door frame. When something moves within the sensor’s range, the doors open right away and then close shortly after. Doors can also use different types of sensors, but motion and pressure are the most common varieties. Each has its advantages, so determining between pressure and motion is a matter of what works best for that particular property.