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Boon Edam Revolving Doors: Sustainable, Safe, & Comfortable

As one of the global market leaders in entry solutions, Royal Boon Edam brings 140 years of experience in engineering quality when it comes to designing their revolving doors. That is why you will find Boon Edam revolving doors in New York, London, and every other major city across the globe in airports, office buildings, hotels, healthcare facilities, and many other types of buildings.

Outside of how long they have been in the industry, there is a reason why so many property owners turn to Boon Edam for their entryway solutions. It is because revolving doors can be a true asset in creating a comfortable, safe, and environmentally-sustainable building—even with rising energy costs. Hands down, revolving doors are simply the most energy-efficient entrance solutions on the market today.

What makes these doors so environmentally friendly? It is because the “always open, always closed” principle means that the unconditioned outside air and the conditioned inside air remain separated. This separation prevents dust, drafts, and noise from entering your building. Since revolving doors help reduce the amount of energy needed to maintain the conditioned climate inside of your building, they also help reduce your building’s carbon footprint. Thus, saving you energy and money—two critical assets in today’s building environment.

The Benefits of Balanced Dawson Doors

Also known as pivot doors, balanced doors offer various benefits that should be considered when designing your next entrance. This is especially true of Dawson doors in New York, which deliver high functionality and beautiful aesthetics perfect for public, commercial, and monumental facilities. Some of the different benefits that come with Dawson doors include:

Ease of Operation – Originally, balanced doors were designed to combat high-wind areas and the stack pressure that comes with high-rise buildings. Instead of fighting against the air pressure, these doors are designed to use the exterior and interior air pressure differential to open the door.

Improved Auto Operator – While the team at Dawson saw how functional, balanced doors were, they also realized there was a way to enhance the design. They did this by incorporating an auto-operator, eliminating the need for a closer. This creates a genuinely free-swinging door that doesn’t need any additional resistance.

Secured Mechanisms – Dawson is the only door builder that secures its operating mechanism inside the head instead of the floor. This unique design means there isn’t a need to perform any groundbreaking to install, replace, or repair the door. This saves a lot of time and cost.