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How to Reduce Automatic Door Repair Costs

If you are responsible for a building with automatic doors in New York, this blog post is for you. Your role likely includes keeping repairs and maintenance costs in check, so you will benefit from reading this information from our team at Door Automation. We will tell you here some ways to reduce repair expenses for those doors.


Taking care of the basics is the most effective way to prevent the need for automatic door repairs. By that, we mean keeping the doors and sensors clean. Turn the doors off, and check that there are no blockages or debris. This step will help the doors work as they should and let you identify issues for further attention.


Installing clear signage is another simple step to take. Legible signs tell users how to operate the doors and prevent people from forcing the automatic doors to work faster than they are designed or even trying to make them go the wrong way. Proper signs will help reduce damage to the doors.


Check the doors regularly to identify any issues. Small parts can wear quickly, so keep an eye on them and replace them when required. It’s much easier and cheaper to purchase and install a small item than a large, significant part.


The last tip we will leave you with is to book regular maintenance checks from a reliable door service and installation company.


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Tips for Repairing Automatic Doors

Automatic doors are a significant convenience and the norm in all modern buildings. When you have them at your property, they must work as intended, and when they don’t, you get them fixed right away. This blog post from our team at Door Automation provides some helpful tips on automatic door repair in New York.


Contacting an experienced technician to handle the repair is the best advice we can give you at Door Automation. Your building’s custodian or maintenance person will not have the training or expertise to diagnose a problem and sort it out. A door repair tech will know how to analyze the trouble and have the tools and parts to fix it on the spot.


Automatic doors that get a lot of use will experience wear and tear on specific components well before others. A repair person will look at those components first, which can often solve the problem right away. If another item causes the issue, then the technician will have the ability to determine what it is and fix that too.


The most crucial step in automatic door repair is taken long before any problems become apparent. Like all automated systems, it’s essential to perform regular maintenance. When you do that, you can quickly identify any minor issues now and address them to prevent them from growing into breakdowns.


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