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Why are Automatic Doors Essential Security Systems?

Since they are “automatic,” it might seem strange that automatic doors are also one of the safest and most secure options available for your building. But it’s true! Read on to learn how automatic doors in New York and beyond also function as essential security systems.


They Can Lock Up Thieves and Intruders

When a criminal tries to disrupt your business, it can be infuriating to let them escape. Fortunately, it’s easy to connect automatic doors to your security system so that you can lock them inside until the police arrive without risking lives.


They Offer Great Fire Protection

In the event of a fire, people tend to panic and fumble even with the simplest door designs. Trying to figure out whether you must “push” or “pull” can become a matter of life or death. However, Blasi automatic doors and similar products allow people to get out quickly even if they are panicking.


They Can Record Everyone Entering and Leaving

It’s easy to add surveillance cameras to your automatic doors and set them to record whenever they open. Plus, due to their sliding design, there is no chance of the door frame obscuring a suspect’s face as they pass through.

Why Should You Use Revolving Doors?

No matter where you go in the shopping, dining, and business districts, you’ll likely see plenty of revolving doors in New York—and the same holds true for other high-traffic parts of the world. They are ubiquitous across industries because they deliver a set of benefits that no other design can match. The following are some reasons why you should consider using revolving doors at your building.


Temperature Control

A door that revolves is simultaneously always open and always closed, creating a constant barrier. This barrier prevents hot air from moving into the building in the summer and stops the warmth from leaking out during the winter. Research indicates that this design is much more energy efficient than traditional doors.


Noise Insulation

When you’re located in the heart of a busy city, noise is constant. Fortunately, products like Boon Edam revolving doors can help you maintain peace and quiet inside your building. Their constant barrier design doesn’t just deliver temperature insulation—it also helps significantly with noise insulation.


Reduces Congestion

Revolving doors can also provide valuable traffic control during your most peak hours. The design only allows a small number of people in at once rather than a constant flood—and others can exit at the same time—making it easier for your staff to manage crowds when you’re at your busiest. Plus, since the doors can be hands-free, customers who are loaded down with bulky bags can move through easily.