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What to Look for in Dawson Doors

When you are looking for the highest standard in door automation, then you are likely looking for Dawson doors in New York. But what makes these doors different than other balanced door options? It is a legacy of craftsmanship and technological advancements that lead to a wide variety of benefits, including:

Lower Maintenance Costs – Dawson manufactures castings to match the type of doors they are creating. That means there are no dissimilar metal reactions that can cause oxidization over time. Your stainless-steel doors will have stainless-steel castings, while your bronze castings will match their bronze door counterparts.

Superior Materials – Dawson understands the importance of high-quality materials. That is why they use self-aligning needle bearings in all door pivots instead of the plastic sleeve versions found in most other doors.

More Robust Hinges – Dawson uses a 1.9” diameter steel tube that is welded to the arms of the door instead of the usual 1.75” diameter steel tube hinge shaft found on other makes and models.

Stronger Guide Box with Better Integration – The Dawson guide box is made using a single piece of stainless steel, which is stronger, harder, and more corrosion-resistant than other guide boxes.

Easier Installation & Adjustment – Finally, Dawson’s product integrates all of the controls in the header instead of the floor. This not only provides better protection from dirt and corrosion but also makes it much easier to install and adjust as needed.

How to Lower the Costs of Automatic Door Repair

Replacing an automatic door outright can be cost-prohibitive, which makes automatic door repair in New York the much more attractive route for most property owners. But is there a good way to reduce the risk of needing repairs—therefore lowering your repair costs? The answer is yes, but it requires you to identify minor repairs before costly breakdowns occur.

There are two significant components when it comes to preventative maintenance to help you reduce your repair costs. The first is performing routine maintenance to help prevent wear and tear, while the other is being able to identify the need for minor repairs.

So, how often should you consider these maintenance services to keep your door automation running smoothly? It is recommended to schedule preventative maintenance twice a year. Typically, you will want to schedule one visit in the fall to keep doors running smoothly throughout the winter season, with a second appointment in spring to remove all of the built-up salt as well as to check for any wear and tear that could have been caused by the snow and ice. With these two maintenance visits on the calendar, you are likely to keep your overall repair bills to a minimum while extending the life of your automated doors.