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Revolving Door Code Compliance

Revolving doors are stapled entryways for many buildings and businesses because they allow more control over entering and leaving the premises. That being said, when you are considering adding these doors to your location, then it is important to contact an established company like Door Automation. They will adhere to revolving door code compliance so your customers are safe and unbothered when visiting your business.

There are some very important features and specifications surrounding a revolving door to keep all users safe, including:

  • Determine the capacity needed for each entrance and consider the benefits of a larger-diameter door.
  • Delineate whether a manual or automatic revolving door is necessary.
  • Make specifications consistent with architectural details.
  • Make specifications consistent with the manufacturer’s door model selected as the basis of specification.
  • Carefully choose the number of door wings—three or four—and detail the plan view consistently.
  • Indicate the desired dimensions for diameter, door opening height, height under canopy, and canopy height.
  • Specify a finish for the canopy of the revolving door system. The basics to consider here are whether the canopy will be visible from above and exposed to the outside elements.
  • Determine security needs. Will night sliding doors be required? Prevention of tailgating or piggybacking? Do security concerns warrant remote locking and card readers?

When you look at the wide Boon Edam revolving doors used at airports, there are specific dimensions and automated safety protocols in place that make them highly favorable.

Contact Door Automation for more information about their products and services, and then select the best revolving doors for your business.

The Advantages of Installing Automatic Sliding Doors for Your Business

It is no secret that sliding doors look sleek and suitable for any storefront or home, which is why companies like Door Automation are committed to providing installations for home and business owners alike. Many people might not think much of the convenience of automatic doors in New York or anywhere else, but the truth is there are many benefits.

In addition to the appearance boosting your curb appeal, consider these other valuable features:

  • Easier Access for the Disabled
  • Automatic Sliding Doors are Very Safe
  • Move Foot Traffic Quickly
  • Automatic Doors are Good for Large Merchandise
  • Automatic Doors are Economical

Convenience and safety are some of the biggest factors in switching to an automatic door. To think we don’t need to even think about the doors when entering a shop or garage (in the case of homeowners) speaks volumes to the success of these doors. Whether they are glass or stainless-steel doors, the options are limitless when you have the help you need.

Easy to Maintain

Automatic doors are carefully manufactured to meet the highest industry standards, which means once they are installed, they are very easy to maintain. With today’s modern technology, automatic doors are becoming more and more user-friendly.

Contact Door Automation for more information about their products and services. Take your home or business to the next level when you choose automatic doors.