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Why are Revolving Doors Most Popular in Cities?

If you’ve ever been to a major metropolis, you’ll notice that most large buildings have double or revolving doors. Since only large cities have unusually tall buildings, they are one of the only places you will see these types of doors. Although it may seem as though revolving doors in New York buildings are there to improve traffic flow, they also serve a structural purpose.


Pressure Relief

You may have found that a windy day can make a door harder to open or close. You’re fighting against the pressure because of sudden compression inside the building as you open the door. In some cases, doors get sucked open as if by magic when a building doesn’t have an adequate seal. The same principle applies to a skyscraper but on a much grander scale.


Don’t Break the Seal

The pressure never changes when a revolving door opens and closes because the seal never breaks. The action of multiple doors spinning prevents air from escaping or entering as someone moves through the space. Maintaining equilibrium is essential in large structures, and few buildings are quite so large as those found in Manhattan.


The next time you walk through a revolving door, you can thank the installers for making it much easier to enter and exit the building.

How to Choose Good Quality Stainless Steel Doors

The benefits of stainless steel have long made it the go-to choice for various applications, with use as door material at the top of the list. Durability and longevity are its primary advantages, but given the range of selection, it can be challenging to know what to look for in stainless-steel doors. In New York, home and business owners can narrow their options by using simple guidelines.


The intended location of the door will often dictate the style you choose. An entrance into a utility space will likely have different requirements than a front entry door.


If you’re moving equipment in and out of a room, chances are you need a stainless-steel door that can hold up to a lot of wear and tear. A business entrance will also experience increased traffic, but the demands on the door will be less intensive.


Not all steel doors are created equal. Is the door galvanized or stainless? Galvanized steel is less expensive, but the quality of stainless-steel doors often makes the difference worth the price.


If you’ve ever tried to open a heavy door, you’ll understand why weight is essential. The door you love may be beautiful, but if no one can open it, then it’s best to keep looking.


Check the core material used for the door. If you’re looking for insulating properties, you want to ensure the door has the kind of filler you need.