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Features and Components of Ellison Doors in New York

When it comes to automatic doors, it is safe to say that most business facilities use them in one way or another. That is why there are several models available, checking-off efficiency boxes for companies that want to automate their spaces. Companies like Door Automation are renowned for their vast automated door selection, including the famous Ellison Doors in New York. These beautiful doors usually have a metallic gold or bronze exterior that adds a look of luxury to your building.

Ellison Doors are considered to be the easiest, most trouble-free doors. This door has uniquely designed formed-up doors that feature a solid internal subframe construction that allows it to outlast the average five to ten-year lifespan of standard high-traffic automatic doors.

Special Features

Minimum 2.75″ Wide Stiles and Top Rails

Corner-Welded Internal Subframe For Rigidity

Unitized Superstructure Created by Spot-Welding A .09″ Continuous Frame Directly Through The .09″ Door Face (Stainless Steel and Bronze Doors)

Minimum 6″ High Bottom Rail


You can trust an established company like Door Automation to provide further information about automatic doors that work best for your building.

It is important for doors to not only be functional but attractive to match the look and feel of your business. Ellison doors provide both and make an excellent choice for the convenience of your staff and customers. Contact Door Automation to learn more about their products and services.

Boon Edam Revolving Doors: Key Benefits

Revolving doors are an excellent way to control entryway traffic while making it seamless. It is no wonder that it is a favorite automatic door for airports and office buildings. Boon Edam revolving doors can hold varying numbers of people and move slowly to make passage safe for everyone. They have a sleek, glass, and metal appearance that gives any building a modern, sleek aesthetic. Whether high capacity, tall, or petite, these revolving doors make a statement for any entrance.


In addition to controlling the foot traffic, revolving doors have other benefits, such as energy efficiency. The always-open/always-closed principle allows the revolving door to keep the conditioned air inside without letting it escape. Your energy bill will be sure to look better. A Boon Edam door will also let in more light from the outside, which means your facilities will be brightly and naturally illuminated for a warmer ambiance. Other benefits include:


  • Elevated User Experience
  • Less Noise and Debris Compared to Traditional Doors
  • Creates a Unique, Statement Façade


Of course, this model follows the revolving door code of compliance, which means they are very safe to use and can be taken apart easily in case of emergencies. Reclaim comfortable square footage where it counts, and you will find that your lobby will have more room for your staff and guests.


Contact Door Automation for more information about their products and services and improve the functionality and aesthetic of your building.