The Benefits of Stainless-Steel Doors

When the operational demand on your doors is high, there’s only one solution, stainless steel. However, it’s not just enough that a door will stand the test of time; it must also look great and function flawlessly. Only top-quality automated stainless-steel doors give New York business, apartment, and office owners the unparalleled performance they expect.


Your Industry’s Choice

Stainless-steel doors are valuable in environments where contamination is a concern, from hospitals to laboratories and food processing to sanitation. Their clean lines and polished surfaces make them easy to maintain and disinfect, and they are well-known for standing up to everyday wear and tear. Automated doors provide seamless accessibility, and their touchless operations offer a range of benefits in today’s age of virus awareness.


High-Quality High-Touch

Since doors are a high-touch surface, stainless steel is the perfect solution to reducing exposure to various contaminants. Unless you install an automated system, such as revolving or sliding doors, chances are people will touch the handle multiple times a day. A stainless-steel installation makes life easier for building and business owners by limiting bacteria accumulation and grime build-up.


When you want to give your employees, customers, or residents a door that will take the brunt of daily operations, put your trust in stainless steel to deliver long-lasting service for years to come.