All You Need To Know: Dawson Doors

Balanced automatic doors need precision design and development, and Dawson Doors delivers New York style in every way. Look no further when your building requires bronze or stainless-steel doors that exude style and sophistication.

Operational Excellence

One of the primary features of the Dawson balanced door is the mechanism at the head instead of the floor. The result of this groundbreaking design is that you can adjust the door without the inconvenience of pulling up the floor.

State-of-the-Art Mechanisms

The Dawson Door team developed a mechanism that updates the old version and enhances the design parameters. Balanced doors are known for their ease of use, but the old mechanisms created problems when balancing automatic operation and the manual force required to open the door. Dawson Doors developed a truly free-swinging door with no resistance.

The Dawson Doors design offers customers several advantages to the standard balanced door, including:

  • Lower Maintenance Costs
  • Superior Materials
  • Stronger Hinges
  • Stronger Guide Box with Better Integration
  • Easier Installation & Adjustments

Exceptional Design

The balanced Dawson Door is the company’s signature design and with good reason. It provides innovation and elegance in a single installation. Matching mechanisms and smooth operations make this product the pinnacle of their product line.