All You Need To Know: Boon Edam Revolving Doors

The revolving door is an efficient and seamless way to keep foot traffic moving at your entrance. Whether you need an elegant installation at your boutique hotel or a high-capacity entryway at an airport, Boon Edam revolving doors give New York building owners a range of options.

In recent times, the need for touchless methods to enter and exit buildings has become a priority, and revolving automatic doors deliver. Aside from not needing to touch them, Boon Edam revolving doors offer several benefits, including:

Energy Savings

Controlling indoor temperatures is an essential element of saving energy. Revolving doors reduce wasted heat or air conditioning, which saves on power costs.

Bi-Directional Traffic

Whether going in or out, a revolving door can support foot traffic in both directions, reducing bottlenecks at building entrances.

Minimize Tall Building Counter Stack Pressure

One of the primary issues with swing doors in tall buildings is the counter stack pressure, which can make it challenging for users to operate the doors. Revolving doors alleviate this problem.

Small Square Footage

Revolving doors take up less space than a row of exterior doors. The installation just makes sense when you need a cost-effective solution to high-traffic areas.

Years of Service

With proper maintenance, Boon Edam revolving doors will last for decades. If you consider your front entrance an investment in your building, you can’t go wrong.