The Importance of Revolving Door Repair & Maintenance!

Invented in 1888, revolving doors have benefited generations of businesses—from office buildings and airports to retail shops and restaurants. How? These impressive doors do a great job when it comes to reducing energy costs and increasing physical security while also elevating the customer experience and improving the brand image of the business that has them installed.

However, when this entryway is out of order, all of those benefits go out the window. That is why it is crucial to receive revolving door repair in New York whenever you notice that your doorways are no longer working quite as they should. With routine maintenance and repairs, you are able to keep your revolving doors safe, functional, and legal for public use.

Your Revolving Door Maintenance Checklist

Regular maintenance of your commercial door installations isn’t just a best practice—it can also be a legal obligation. While most revolving doors are designed for minimal maintenance, it is still important to regularly inspect them to ensure they are working safely. You can do the following safety check at the beginning of each day to catch any problems quickly before they become expensive repairs:

Check for Any Slipping or Tripping Hazards Around the Vicinity of the Door

Pull the Door Handle to Check for Any Looseness

Check the Glass Surfaces for Any Cracks or Chips

Test the Door for Proper Functionality

Did the door fail any of your daily tests? If so, it is time to call a certified service company for a professional solution. This will help you keep your doors optimized for performance now and into the future.