Reasons to Hire an Automatic Door Repair Company

Sticking hinges, slow operation, or broken parts can make it frustrating for people to enter and exit your building. Stay on top of issues and call the professionals for automatic door repair in New York. Their services are a blessing for several reasons:

Saves Time

Chances are you don’t have the time or experience to repair an automatic door, which is why business owners should hire an experienced professional. The time it will take for you to do it right is far greater than the repair expense.


Your door is your property’s primary protection against unauthorized entry, and a skilled door repair technician can keep it that way with the right tools and knowledge.

Can Repair Any Door

Door repair technicians have the specialized training to repair almost any type of door. No matter the style or material, they’ve seen it all.

Reduces Risk

Certain types of doors can pose a real danger when working with them. Automatic doors are heavy, and the risk of injury is greater than with a standard door.

The Right Tools

Automatic doors don’t operate the same way as a hinged door and require special equipment for adjustments and repairs. Professionals will already have everything they need.

Licensing & Insurance

Automatic door companies are licensed and insured. This means you’re not responsible if anything happens to the door or if anyone gets injured.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Stainless-Steel Doors

Stainless-steel doors offer New York businesses and apartment buildings a beautiful, weather-resistant way to upgrade their exterior and create an inviting entryway. However, you mustn’t ignore practical matters in favor of esthetic ones. While stainless-steel doors are perfect for the proper application, knowing their advantages and disadvantages will help you decide.



There are many more pros than cons to stainless-steel doors, including:

  • Unparalleled Security
  • Minimal Maintenance
  • Durability
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Noise Reducing Capabilities


It’s easy to see why stainless steel is one of the most popular choices for buildings in almost any application. They are versatile, and their design can be adapted to virtually any style, making them an excellent choice as new or replacement doors.



There aren’t many downsides to stainless-steel doors, but one or more of the following points might be the dealbreaker that makes you change your mind:

  • Scratches & Dents Easily
  • Potential to Rust
  • Difficult to Stain
  • Conducts Heat & Cold


If you’re worried about how your door will look after a few years of use, stainless steel might not be the answer unless you commit to protecting it from damage.


Remember that the entry door is what people see first, so make a good impression and get your stainless-steel door from a premium supplier.

How to Reduce Automatic Door Repair Costs

If you are responsible for a building with automatic doors in New York, this blog post is for you. Your role likely includes keeping repairs and maintenance costs in check, so you will benefit from reading this information from our team at Door Automation. We will tell you here some ways to reduce repair expenses for those doors.


Taking care of the basics is the most effective way to prevent the need for automatic door repairs. By that, we mean keeping the doors and sensors clean. Turn the doors off, and check that there are no blockages or debris. This step will help the doors work as they should and let you identify issues for further attention.


Installing clear signage is another simple step to take. Legible signs tell users how to operate the doors and prevent people from forcing the automatic doors to work faster than they are designed or even trying to make them go the wrong way. Proper signs will help reduce damage to the doors.


Check the doors regularly to identify any issues. Small parts can wear quickly, so keep an eye on them and replace them when required. It’s much easier and cheaper to purchase and install a small item than a large, significant part.


The last tip we will leave you with is to book regular maintenance checks from a reliable door service and installation company.


Contact us at Door Automation to learn more about keeping your automatic doors working correctly.

Tips for Repairing Automatic Doors

Automatic doors are a significant convenience and the norm in all modern buildings. When you have them at your property, they must work as intended, and when they don’t, you get them fixed right away. This blog post from our team at Door Automation provides some helpful tips on automatic door repair in New York.


Contacting an experienced technician to handle the repair is the best advice we can give you at Door Automation. Your building’s custodian or maintenance person will not have the training or expertise to diagnose a problem and sort it out. A door repair tech will know how to analyze the trouble and have the tools and parts to fix it on the spot.


Automatic doors that get a lot of use will experience wear and tear on specific components well before others. A repair person will look at those components first, which can often solve the problem right away. If another item causes the issue, then the technician will have the ability to determine what it is and fix that too.


The most crucial step in automatic door repair is taken long before any problems become apparent. Like all automated systems, it’s essential to perform regular maintenance. When you do that, you can quickly identify any minor issues now and address them to prevent them from growing into breakdowns.


Contact us at Door Automation if you wish to learn more about automatic door repair.

How Bronze Doors Can Beautify Your Business Exterior

The front door is almost the first thing anyone sees when they walk up to your entrance. Make a great first impression and consider upgrading to bronze doors. Your New York apartment, business, or office building deserves to stand out among the crowd, and real bronze certainly makes a statement.


Put a Polish on It

Bronze has long been an ambassador of luxury and elegance. You don’t have to run a café or restaurant to include the rich hues of coffee, chocolate, and caramel in your door design. By leveraging the beauty and durability of this time-honored material, you’ll create a warm welcome that attracts visitors and keeps them coming back. The classic look of bronze doors is sure to elevate your exterior and enhance your reputation.


Function & Style

Whether your automated bronze door is for an apartment complex, retail store, or office building, you’ll never regret adding a little flair to your exterior style. Beauty and function go hand in hand when you choose a material that has proven itself as one of the most tasteful and practical on the market.


Give your building the accents it needs and discuss your next automated door installation with professionals who can marry practicality and stunning design.

The Benefits of Stainless-Steel Doors

When the operational demand on your doors is high, there’s only one solution, stainless steel. However, it’s not just enough that a door will stand the test of time; it must also look great and function flawlessly. Only top-quality automated stainless-steel doors give New York business, apartment, and office owners the unparalleled performance they expect.


Your Industry’s Choice

Stainless-steel doors are valuable in environments where contamination is a concern, from hospitals to laboratories and food processing to sanitation. Their clean lines and polished surfaces make them easy to maintain and disinfect, and they are well-known for standing up to everyday wear and tear. Automated doors provide seamless accessibility, and their touchless operations offer a range of benefits in today’s age of virus awareness.


High-Quality High-Touch

Since doors are a high-touch surface, stainless steel is the perfect solution to reducing exposure to various contaminants. Unless you install an automated system, such as revolving or sliding doors, chances are people will touch the handle multiple times a day. A stainless-steel installation makes life easier for building and business owners by limiting bacteria accumulation and grime build-up.


When you want to give your employees, customers, or residents a door that will take the brunt of daily operations, put your trust in stainless steel to deliver long-lasting service for years to come.

Features and Components of Ellison Doors in New York

When it comes to automatic doors, it is safe to say that most business facilities use them in one way or another. That is why there are several models available, checking-off efficiency boxes for companies that want to automate their spaces. Companies like Door Automation are renowned for their vast automated door selection, including the famous Ellison Doors in New York. These beautiful doors usually have a metallic gold or bronze exterior that adds a look of luxury to your building.

Ellison Doors are considered to be the easiest, most trouble-free doors. This door has uniquely designed formed-up doors that feature a solid internal subframe construction that allows it to outlast the average five to ten-year lifespan of standard high-traffic automatic doors.

Special Features

Minimum 2.75″ Wide Stiles and Top Rails

Corner-Welded Internal Subframe For Rigidity

Unitized Superstructure Created by Spot-Welding A .09″ Continuous Frame Directly Through The .09″ Door Face (Stainless Steel and Bronze Doors)

Minimum 6″ High Bottom Rail


You can trust an established company like Door Automation to provide further information about automatic doors that work best for your building.

It is important for doors to not only be functional but attractive to match the look and feel of your business. Ellison doors provide both and make an excellent choice for the convenience of your staff and customers. Contact Door Automation to learn more about their products and services.

Boon Edam Revolving Doors: Key Benefits

Revolving doors are an excellent way to control entryway traffic while making it seamless. It is no wonder that it is a favorite automatic door for airports and office buildings. Boon Edam revolving doors can hold varying numbers of people and move slowly to make passage safe for everyone. They have a sleek, glass, and metal appearance that gives any building a modern, sleek aesthetic. Whether high capacity, tall, or petite, these revolving doors make a statement for any entrance.


In addition to controlling the foot traffic, revolving doors have other benefits, such as energy efficiency. The always-open/always-closed principle allows the revolving door to keep the conditioned air inside without letting it escape. Your energy bill will be sure to look better. A Boon Edam door will also let in more light from the outside, which means your facilities will be brightly and naturally illuminated for a warmer ambiance. Other benefits include:


  • Elevated User Experience
  • Less Noise and Debris Compared to Traditional Doors
  • Creates a Unique, Statement Façade


Of course, this model follows the revolving door code of compliance, which means they are very safe to use and can be taken apart easily in case of emergencies. Reclaim comfortable square footage where it counts, and you will find that your lobby will have more room for your staff and guests.


Contact Door Automation for more information about their products and services and improve the functionality and aesthetic of your building.

All You Need To Know: Boon Edam Revolving Doors

The revolving door is an efficient and seamless way to keep foot traffic moving at your entrance. Whether you need an elegant installation at your boutique hotel or a high-capacity entryway at an airport, Boon Edam revolving doors give New York building owners a range of options.

In recent times, the need for touchless methods to enter and exit buildings has become a priority, and revolving automatic doors deliver. Aside from not needing to touch them, Boon Edam revolving doors offer several benefits, including:

Energy Savings

Controlling indoor temperatures is an essential element of saving energy. Revolving doors reduce wasted heat or air conditioning, which saves on power costs.

Bi-Directional Traffic

Whether going in or out, a revolving door can support foot traffic in both directions, reducing bottlenecks at building entrances.

Minimize Tall Building Counter Stack Pressure

One of the primary issues with swing doors in tall buildings is the counter stack pressure, which can make it challenging for users to operate the doors. Revolving doors alleviate this problem.

Small Square Footage

Revolving doors take up less space than a row of exterior doors. The installation just makes sense when you need a cost-effective solution to high-traffic areas.

Years of Service

With proper maintenance, Boon Edam revolving doors will last for decades. If you consider your front entrance an investment in your building, you can’t go wrong.

All You Need To Know: Dawson Doors

Balanced automatic doors need precision design and development, and Dawson Doors delivers New York style in every way. Look no further when your building requires bronze or stainless-steel doors that exude style and sophistication.

Operational Excellence

One of the primary features of the Dawson balanced door is the mechanism at the head instead of the floor. The result of this groundbreaking design is that you can adjust the door without the inconvenience of pulling up the floor.

State-of-the-Art Mechanisms

The Dawson Door team developed a mechanism that updates the old version and enhances the design parameters. Balanced doors are known for their ease of use, but the old mechanisms created problems when balancing automatic operation and the manual force required to open the door. Dawson Doors developed a truly free-swinging door with no resistance.

The Dawson Doors design offers customers several advantages to the standard balanced door, including:

  • Lower Maintenance Costs
  • Superior Materials
  • Stronger Hinges
  • Stronger Guide Box with Better Integration
  • Easier Installation & Adjustments

Exceptional Design

The balanced Dawson Door is the company’s signature design and with good reason. It provides innovation and elegance in a single installation. Matching mechanisms and smooth operations make this product the pinnacle of their product line.